Hate and Viruses

Have you ever thought of the similarities between virus infection and hate. Think about it for a bit. The title of my book, Invisible Threat, should give a clue. Viruses are invisible to the naked eye and even regular laboratory microscopes. You can’t see them coming. Even when a person sneezes they could tell you, “it’s only allergies.” But it might not be. In fact they could be sick and you didn’t see it coming. We are just out there and that person really didn’t care about your welfare. They will spread their disease with blatant disregard for humanity.

Now hate can come at someone in the same manner. And it does. It can be silent. But even if not, it spreads quickly among groups. It is difficult to contain and is easily mutable. One group might first be targeted for a difference but then others are added as hate is generalized to a broader group.

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