Some Great Book Club Discussion Questions

When I began to write INVISIBLE THREAT, it started out as a thriller. I had a background in studying epidemics of childhood infections, however, and the need for vaccination of this vulnerable population quickly changed my focus.

So the number one theme and discussion point should be:  To vaccinate or not vaccinate!!

But there is a plethora of topics to discuss. On the surface, Invisible Threat is a pandemic and political thriller, written before COVID-19 hit us in the USA.  However, I weave several other important and very topical subjects for discussion in the novel that are relevant today.

  • Home grown terrorism from within the United States.
  • How to handle a pandemic in the country.
  • Hate- Israel and the Palestinians – what happens next?
  • Long term hate anywhere?  Parallels between hate and virus infection;  spreading and then blooming until out of control.
  • Intermarriage in the Jewish culture; Muslim culture.
  • Does the Western world support Israel.
  • Does Dr. Mazer, the main antagonist, have any feelings for his mother?  Could their relationship ever have been rehabilitated?
  • Nari Lee and Alan Mazer- parallel lives of first generation Americans; given the best education but ending in different places.

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