Be Prepared…We Are in For the Long Haul with COVID-19

As I write this blog we have been focused on the elections, our problems with racism, hurricanes, and fires. I have looked at the SARS-COV-2 infection patterns in Europe and the numbers do not look good. As the graph below shows, the UK has a significant rise in infections in late September and early October. No trick or treating recommended here.

Now we are seeing similar activity in other European nations as well. France, Italy and Spain are also surging well ahead of their peaks in the Spring. Around the globe the numbers as reported by the Johns Hopkins University are not encouraging. Most are up and only a some countries are down. In our own northern hemisphere, Mexico is up significantly.

Now, in the U.S, we are starting to see a rising wave. Below is the summary graph.

This increase in numbers (data from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center) seem to have started in association with two events, back to school and the Labor Day Holiday. Now, fall and winter approach and crowding indoors increases. This will certainly facilitate virus spread. Further, as local governments make their own decisions on how local shops and restaurants operate, anything might happen in different metropolitan areas. And travel to and from these areas will not be restricted. Based on this information I predict a long difficult road ahead.

One final thought, influenza and other respiratory viruses will be complicating COVID-19 diagnosis. If available, and your are eligible, get your influenza vaccine. It is unlikely that a vaccine for SARS COV-2 will be approved anytime soon. Mask up, social distance, wash your hands often, and don’t touch your face.

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