From Scientist to Novelist

First and foremost, I am a scientist. I have a doctorate in Immunobiology and have studied viral diseases, immune system disorders and developed products to fight off nasty virus infections during my career. My first novel will be published shortly. Why would I bother? I became quite upset with the reports for many years of the resurgence of measles virus infections. I studied this virus in the 1970s and 1980s and at that time it killed over 1,000,000 children per year worldwide. In the U.S. measles infections were at very low levels and by the year 2000 it was all but eliminated in the U.S. and developed countries. So, why the increase. A scientific paper was published in the U.K. suggesting that measles vaccination could result in autism and autism related disorders. This paper was heralded by many parents as the reason for their children’s problems, and many groups of “Anti-vaxxers” initiated campaigns. Subsequent studies showed that this study was faulted, yet parents do persist in avoiding vaccination.

I have seen many children die or become hospitalized with severe complications from measles infection. Then I heard it happening right here in U.S and in Western Europe. So, I began my novel as an education piece. It developed into much more. A thriller, that takes the reader into biotechnology labs, jihad, Olympic venues, pandemics, into the middle East and America. I completed my novel just as COVID-19 hit our country, and you will see many parallels between the agents and the actions.

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